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What is YippieMove?

YippieMove is email transfers made easy.

There are many situations in life where you need or want to switch email providers. Maybe you graduated from your university and they'll close your university account, or you are the system administrator for a company that is in the process of migrating to a new email. Regardless of what your reason is, YippieMove is a convenient, fast and cost effective way to outsource the migration.

Here are some examples of situations where YippieMove comes in handy:

  • After 3 years of use, your old email service cannot keep up with your needs (storage and features). It's time to move on to a more modern email service.
  • You have a lot of precious email that you would hate to lose and would like to make a backup copy on a different server.
  • Due to space limitations on your email account, you find your email inbox full. You want to copy all those messages to a Gmail account before you delete the originals to free up space.
  • You decided to switch internet provider from X to Y. As a result, your email that X provided will be terminated.

YippieMove can tackle all of the above.

Our Services

Batch Migration Learn more about moving multiple accounts at once.
YippieMove Get started with our state-of-the-art web-based email transfer tool.


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Instructional Video A quick introduction to email transfers with YippieMove.
Instructional Video An introduction to YippieMove's powerful status-page.
Instructional Video How to use the folder selection in "Step 3" like a pro.
Instructional Video How to enable IMAP in Gmail. This is only required for old Gmail accounts, as it is enabled by default in newly created accounts.

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