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YippieMove Partners

Weird Kid Software

For local email transfers look to our partner Weird Kid Software and their product Emailchemy. It will help you take your emails out of Outlook and convert them into a more accessible format. It's also worth noting that Emailchemy can read most email formats on the market and that it runs on most platforms (including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).


If you're moving to Google Apps, you should really check out our partner LTech. They offer a wide range of products that utilize Google Apps' API. Some of their most interesting products include:

  • CloudMove - A migration tool to migrate documents from Microsoft SharePoint to Google Apps.
  • Power Panel - An extension to Google Apps that simplifies administration and adds a shared address book.
  • Calendar and Contact Migration - Two tools which enable server-to-server migration from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps.

(Please note that all of LTech's tools are Windows-only and may require Google Apps Premier or Education Edition)