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YippieMove In The Press

TechCrunch"One of the more annoying aspects of starting a new jobs recently was switching email accounts — I tried figure out an easy way to transfer messages and contacts, but after a few minutes of fumbling around with my email client, I gave up, forwarded a few key messages, and then set to work rebuilding my contact list (mostly) from scratch. In other words, I could really have used something like YippieMove, a product from startup WireLoad that promises to make the email migration process as easy as possible." Read more...

BNet"Using YippieMove couldn’t be much simpler. Start by specifying where you’re moving from: AOL, Apple .Mac, any of several dozen universities, or “other” if your provider isn’t on the list. Provide your account information, then your Gmail account information. Finally, choose the folders you want to transfer, then sit back while YippieMove gets to work." Read more...

CNet"Thinking about switching e-mail providers but don't want to lose all the messages from your old in box? For $10 an account a service called YippieMove will do all the heavy lifting for you. It works with about 40 various Web and educational e-mail providers, or with any account that supports IMAP. Just plug in the credentials from your old mail service with your new account and it will do the migration for you." Read more...

KillerStartups"Don’t you hate having to move your email contacts from one client to another? Don’t even mention having to move actual emails. Luckily for all of us tech challenged people, there is With this site, you’ll be able to get all your emails, contacts, and other things transferred from one email client to another. For about the bucks, you’ll get everything organized on your new account, without having to do anything yourself." Read more...

StartupMeMe"If you are stuck with an email provider just because you are unable to figure out a way to migrate all your data and emails to the newer service provider YippieMove might just have a solution for you. The service can transfer all your emails to a newer address for just 10 bucks. All you have to do is to provide the service with the credentials of both your old and new email account and YippieMove will do the rest of moving and shaking for you. YippieMove can also work its way around any specific non standard folder scheme like the labels in Gmail." Read more...

Web Worker Daily"YippieMove, a nifty email account transferring service that we’ve covered previously, has just been significantly updated. The web app transfers emails sitting in an old email account — like that Hotmail AOL account that’s gathering dust, but still has emails that you’d like to keep — into your current mailbox." Read more...

Web Worker Daily"Here’s the scenario: you’ve got a college email account you’re about to lose, or a crufty old AOL or CompuServe address you want to ditch. You could forward all of your old mails to a new account – but do you have the time? YippieMove is betting that it’s worth $9.95 to you to have them do it instead." Read more...

International Press

Ny Teknik"Företaget Wireload vill agera flyttgubbe på nätet. Med tjänsten Yippiemove är det enkelt att byta från en e-postleverantör till en annan. Det började med ett meddelande från it-avdelningen på Santa Clara University. Viktor Petersson var precis klar med sin utbildning, och om två veckor skulle hans e-postkonto stängas ner." Read more..."YippieMove är gjort för att göra det enkelt att exportera och importera e-post automatiskt. Du väljer helt enkelt från vilken leverantör, och till vilken, du vill flytta. Därefter är det bara att vänta på att tjänsten ska sköta alltihop. Mycket enklare kan du förmodligen inte bli." Read more...

TechWorld"Yippiemove kan vara ett ovärderligt verktyg för den som vill samordna företagets webbmejl­användning och för enskilda individer som vill flytta mejlarkivet. Det kan helt klart vara värt de femton dollar man får hosta upp för ett grundläggande­abonnemang." Read more...


Here are some of the things others have to say about YippieMove.

After completion of our faculty and staff to a new email system we knew there must be a better solution out there to help with our students email migration. After some research YippieMove's name always came to the top of the list. We found it to be a real time saver as well as a simple solution for our students. Thanks YippieMove!

Michael DeMarco,
Instructional Technologist, Harvard School of Public Health

YippieMove was quick and easy, and when it was finished everything was already organized for me! Now that my old emails are saved, I can easily access them without getting stuck sorting through a mess of 'forwarded' messages.

Max Osbon,
Student at Santa Clara University

YippieMove kicks butt.

Guy Kawasaki,
Angel investor, author and entrepreneur

YippieMove was a lifesaver. The switch from HyperOffice to Zimbra went flawless and without any impact on our daily operations.

Chris Dunn,
Founder of TrueShip

I’m so glad we chose YippieMove to migrate our email - the transition was seamless, and YippieMove was very accessible every step of the way to answer questions and make sure everything went smoothly.

Cayden Lovejoy,
Workers United

With the easy-to-use migration steps our users were empowered to transfer their e-mail on their own schedule. This resulted in valuable time and resources being freed up from our IT department.

Val Apanovich,
Director of Information Technology at Misericordia University

I completely heart YippieMove. And your customer support team is equally fantastic!

Danita Harris

All of my email messages and folders were transferred so quickly and accurately that I hit the ground running at my new email account. YippieMove absolutely rocks! Thank you so much for this great productivity tool. I would have switched email accounts ages ago if I'd known about YippieMove earlier!

Rena Klingenberg,
Making Jewelry Now

Worked great to transfer my email from Gmail to Google Apps. Quick and easy. Very good response time on the one question I had. Their reports showing progress of the move status are particularly helpful. Would definitely use this again and recommend it to others.

Jeff Lash

I thank the support YippieMove the quick service, dedication in helping us migrate our corporate email. Without such help would be very difficult this migration. We were very pleased and recommend everyone to use the service.


Brilliant - No other words for it. As a hardened web developer I don't often find things on the web that impress me. YippieMove has though. I looked around at ways of migrating my emails from a Gmail account to an Apps account. Various options were suggested but in the end why bother with the hassle when YippieMove does it so well and for minimal cost. Thoroughly recommended.

Mark Stevens

I have been in a dilemma about changing domains to our new company name. Years of mail saved, how was I to leave my old mail with all those folders and mail.... Searching thru apps in the marketplace I found yours and walaaa! Your app has allowed me to transfer all of my information with one easy step!! I would recommend this to anyone with multiple mail accounts looking to change to one or anyone looking to switch email providers.... You all deserve the Life Saver Award!! Thanks!!!

Joel McDaniel,
Director The Rock HHC Inc

It's simple, great status reporting to see how far the migration is and it does what it needs to do. Copy everything from one account to another, including all labels from my previous Google Apps email! Great stuff!

Stephane Roelandt,
Co-founder of Ontoforce

The team at YippieMove is on to something. Making life simpler for busy people that need to migrate email from one service to another. Their interface is wonderful, simple and fast. The instructions and methodology are easy to follow and painless. If you are migrating accounts, give these guys a shot. One of the biggest perks especially relating to Google Apps migrations is that they do not require you to have a Google Apps for Business account. It will work with the Free version.


Instead of going through the hassle of downloading emails, backing them up and then resyncing them with my new Gmail account, YippieMove did all the work for me. It only took a few minutes to start the process and off it went. No complaints.

Marc Gingras,
Founder and CEO of Tungle Corporation

Before we ported to Google Apps, Kiva had mail in a variety of quirky systems that were so limited they prevented most migration methods. YippieMove turned what would have been a long and arduous process into something that was trivial, even fun! It was so satisfying to check in on mail transfer progress and watch all those accounts go green. YippieMove was far and away the safest, simplest, fastest solution.

Rich Bobo,
IT Support Manager at

There are many products in the market place that can do email migration, but what really sets YippieMove apart is the reliability, dedication to relationship building and support. YippieMove simply makes our lives easier. We can focus on our customers, and not worry about email migrations. This is why ViWo continually works with YippieMove.

Crisantos Hajibrahim,

YippieMove is the perfect compliment to Google Apps. An outstandingly simple-to-use and reliable migration tool we frequently find invaluable when migrating clients to Google Apps. And the fact it takes the load off the client's network is an added bonus. Great job Yippie Move!

Scott McKenzie,
Google Apps Consultant at Cloud Logic

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